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Watch Trading Academy Review

Trading Academy

Watch Trading Academy is a training program on how to make money flipping luxury watches. It includes case studies from students who made thousands a month. It also has a Facebook group with thousands of members that is fairly active and where you can get answers to your questions.Trading Academy

Pejman Ghadimi has been around for awhile, claiming to show people how to earn passive income by buying exotic cars and selling them for a profit. Checkout Watch Trading Academy Review for more information.

Watch Trading Academy is a program created by Pejman Ghadimi that claims to teach you how to make money by selling luxury watches. The program features a member-only Facebook group with thousands of expert watch traders from around the world and a step-by-step training course. The program is designed to help you make your first sale in just 30 days, and Ghadimi claims that his students can earn up to 15% ROI within a month.

The first section of the program teaches you how to find a watch that you can sell. This includes searching the “sold” section of eBay and learning about different forums and marketplaces where you can find watches. It also teaches you how to avoid scams by examining the watch for its authenticity and checking for documents that prove its legitimacy. There are some good tips in this section, but some of them are a little overly simplified.

The next section of the program teaches you how to market your watches and advertise them on social media. It also provides tips for negotiating prices with sellers. Pejman also talks about using a camera and taking high-quality photos of your watches. This part of the program is a bit more complicated, but it’s still very easy to follow.

Watch Trading Academy is a course created by YouTuber and businessman Pejman Ghadimi. He claims that his program is a legit way to make money online by selling luxury watches at a profit. He has a number of different business ventures and has mentored over 36,000 people. He has also written mindset and leadership books. He is a well-known figure in the online business world.

He teaches his students how to purchase watches at their lowest cash value and then sell them for a profit. He says that a typical student of his can earn a 15% ROI within one month. He claims that this is a highly profitable and undertapped market.

This course is expensive, but it does offer some useful tips and tricks for beginner watch traders. However, it is important to remember that this type of business is not passive and requires a lot of work and attention.

In addition to the main course, Watch Trading Academy offers a number of bonuses. Bonus four includes real-world case studies from members who have made profits from this business model. You can also see Pejman himself searching for watches and negotiating prices in this bonus. This is an excellent way to get a feel for the business model and learn from someone who has already been successful.

This section of the training covers how to find watches, take pictures, and post them on eBay and other marketplaces. It also teaches how to use different forums to get pricing information and how to spot a fake watch. There are some common red flags that you should look out for, but there are also plenty of replicas that even experts may have a hard time telling apart.

One of the best parts of this section is that it includes real-life case studies of Pejman and other members actually making money selling watches. This allows you to copy what they’re doing, which is an effective way to learn. Additionally, the course includes a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive advice from other luxury watch retailers.

However, the training in this section is fairly basic and does not include any specific strategies to help you stand out from the competition. It’s also expensive, with a one-time payment of $997. There are other business models that offer better returns and require less starting capital. Moreover, there are other issues with this training, including the unrealistic claims that Ghadimi makes about his success. He suggests that you can make up to 19% in just 30 days, which is unlikely.

Bonus One

Pejman is an expert at running profitable trading businesses. He has built multiple successful exotic car trading and luxury watch trading businesses. He’s also a great speaker and educator. He’s created a large following of students online. He has been transparent about his profits, and he doesn’t seem to be pulling any fast ones.

But the main reason that Watch Trading Academy is a little suspect is that it focuses on the wrong things. It’s a program that teaches people to make money by flipping watches. This is a fun way to earn a few bucks, but it’s not a sustainable business model. There are better ways to turn a passion into a business.

The first step in this program is a free on-location class. It’s called a “power trading workshop,” but it’s really more of a sales pitch than a trade training course. The class lasts about three hours and covers a lot of basic tips that you could find for much less. You’ll also get a copy of the course’s “profitable watches cheat sheet,” which is essentially a list of the most lucrative watches to buy. This is a great resource for beginners.

Pejman Ghadimi has run a number of trade businesses over the years, including exotic car hacking and luxury watch trading. His course will teach you how to make money flipping timepieces by selling them on eBay, watch forums, and watch marketplaces. It will also teach you how to identify and inspect watches to ensure they’re real. The program includes a profitable watch cheat sheet and tips for finding and negotiating prices.

However, some critics have claimed that the program is a scam. They say that there’s not much to learn from the half-day class and that it’s easier to find similar information online for free. Others have criticized the course for promoting a cutthroat business model.

Overall, I think this is a good course for those who want to learn how to trade luxury watches. It will teach you the basics of the market as well as how to find and purchase the best watches for resale. The only downside is that the program can be expensive, especially if you’re new to the industry.

This bonus shows you how to get started in the luxury watch market. It will teach you how to spot profitable watches as well as how to do market research and avoid fakes. It also teaches you how to make money by flipping watches. However, you should be aware that the market for watch trading is competitive. In addition, you will need a lot of time and dedication to succeed in this business.

The course has a few flaws, but overall, it’s worth checking out. It’s a unique way to make money, and it can be very lucrative if you’re willing to work hard. It’s also a great way to diversify your income, as you can earn money from many different sources.

The program is not for everyone, but it’s a good place to start if you’re interested in learning more about the luxury watch business. Pejman has been in the trade business for over 20 years, and he’s created several successful online businesses. He’s also created several courses that teach people how to make money from exotic cars and luxury watch trading.

Watch Trading Academy seems to be one of those weird money-making programs that tries to tell you how to turn a hobby into a business. In this case, it’s flipping luxury watches. This type of business is not without its challenges, but it’s definitely a unique way to make some extra cash.

In this bonus, Pejman Ghadimi shares some of his best tips for making money flipping watches. He teaches you how to find and buy the right watches at the best prices, and he also shows you how to negotiate with sellers. This bonus is a good addition to the course, and it’s sure to help you get started with this profitable business.

The pros of this program are that it is very easy to use and understand. You do not need any prior experience to start, and you can even earn while learning. This is why it’s a great choice for newcomers who are interested in learning how to sell watches online.

The cons of this program are that it may not be as effective as other programs. It is not as structured or streamlined, and it may not be as effective in helping you build a successful business. Additionally, it can be difficult to find and purchase watches at a good price.