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YouTube Raising Advertising Fees

YouTube now radically tackles parasites and false alarms. To this end, the video platform changes its rules and punishes users whose videos are viewed only little. Only from 10.001 call and a test new channel operators get money.

Only those who comply with all rules should be able to earn money with upstream advertising campaigns within the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Existing channels are not affected by the new regulations.


YouTube as a reason for the new rules is a stricter approach against fraudulent channels. These copy other users’ contributions and upload them to earn income through advertising. Simultaneously with the new advertising rules, YouTube also facilitates the reporting of such fraudulent channels.

Small Channels

However, the measure also affects smaller, sincere YouTube channels, which will be subject to the advertising ban. However, the losses may only be at low single-digit euro amounts. YouTube wants to help these small channels to take the hurdle and gives tips at the Creators Academy as to how good content can be created and the supporter can be enlarged.

Paying offers in Germany?

In an interview with the Wirtschaftswoche, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, distanced himself from plans in Germany to offer a paid alternative to cable television like in the USA. However, recently, individual videos and films can be bought and lent out at comparable prices to the Google Play Store.

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