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What happens on the Internet every 60 seconds?

1 minute is not very long, yet during this short period of time, social media is constantly bubbling and the smartphone is clearly no stranger.

Lori Lewis, vice-president of the Social Media Department at Cumulus Media and WestwoodOne, collected some figures analyzing various activities carried out on the Internet in 2017.

During these 60 seconds, 16 million SMS are sent against 156 million emails. Followers of Facebook Messenger shared 15,000 animated GIFs while those who prefer Snapchat have created 1.8 million Snaps.

On the media side, in 1 minute, 4.1 million videos are played streaming on YouTube and if you get all Netflix users, you get 70,017 hours of video. On Spotify, 1 minute is enough to get 40,000 hours of music.

At the same time, 452,000 tweets are published, 46,200 photos or videos are sent to Instagram’s servers, and Google’s search engine is already registering 3.5 million queries.

And of course, during this time, the servers of the app stores never stop heating. While you’ve just finished reading this brief, all users of Android and iOS have their sides already downloaded 342,000 apps!

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