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Here’s What Google Knows About You

Google is used by many Internet users, for its search engine, but also for its many free services (Gmail, Drive, Youtube, Google Maps etc). Because, Google exploits your data without your ever being aware of it.

Everyone knows Google for its quality performance search engine. It’s also the favorite engine of the USA. By the end of 2016, according to Netbooster, more than 94% of them used it to do their research online. To appreciate the disproportion of this figure, just see the remaining share to its main competitors: less than 4% for Bing (Microsoft) and just over 2% for Yahoo.

More than 200 Free Services

Through its parent company “Alphabet”, Google is one of the world’s first caps with a value of $588 billion, just behind Apple. The firm of Moutain View is not the only one to analyze the data that reach it. All the giants of the sector (Apple, Amazon, Facebook) do it by relying on the traces that we leave every day on the Internet.

They accumulate billions of dollars with this personal information. The Android operating system, Chrome Internet browser, YouTube videos, Google Play download platform, Google Maps, Google Docs suite, Picasa photo sharing site.

What Google Knows About You

There are more than 200 services offered free of charge by the company. For most of them, the only consideration required is the opening of a Gmail account, the on-line home messaging service. The email address and the associated password then become your sesames to identify you and enter the Google sphere, from any terminal throughout the world.

All of this data is then analyzed by the firm’s powerful computers, with the aim of creating a kind of very specific identity card for each user. These profiles, compiling a lot of data, are sold at prices of gold to brands wishing to target their advertising as well as possible. This is called the Big Data.

To take advantage of Google’s services, like many other new technology players, we have to cut back on our privacy by dropping the privacy of our personal data. There is a formula that perfectly sums up this practice: “if it’s free, it’s that the product is you! “

If you have a smartphone running Android, all of your moves are saved by Google. To access the history of your journeys day by day and hour by hour, connect to Google then go to Google Maps. Note: this function can be easily disabled …


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