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The Inventor of the Web Receives $1 Million

Tim Berners-Lee, considered the father of the World Wide Web, was awarded the Turing Award this year. This award, often referred to as the “Nobel Prize in the web”, is awarded with a $ 1 million grant to the winner each year by Google.

Internet, An Inescapable Invention:

Vicki L. Hanson, President of the Association for Computing Machinery, who annually awards the Turner Award, said: “The colossal impact of the web is evident. However, many people may not appreciate the technical contributions that make the Web possible. “

In his speech, Vicki Hanson stated that the elements invented by Tim Berners-Lee that have allowed the birth of the web are still used today. This genius not only imagined these elements separately, but also developed the model by which they work together. The major invention of Tim Berners-Lee was to provide a unique interface for displaying received content, whatever their nature.

The Tim Berners-Lee Fight: Preserving Freedom on the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee has some ideas on how the web should evolve. It considers that it is important to preserve its free side, to make sure that the Internet serves to connect people and to inform them in the widest possible way. “The Internet must remain an open collaborative tool, we must resist the temptation to turn it into a police state,” he said. It also considers harmful attempts by some countries, such as India, North Korea, China or Russia, to create a national Internet. He compared these attempts to the America Online fire, which ran counter to the nature of the Internet by creating a national network with a single content provider.

The Turing Prize is named in honor of the American mathematician Alan Turing, considered the father of computer science.

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