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Thailand: One Man kills his daughter Before Suicide live on Facebook

The crime occurred a few days after the release on the social network of a murder in the United States. A Thai man killed his 11-month-old daughter live on Facebook live before killing himself, still in front of the camera, police said on Tuesday (April 25th). They were friends of the man who warned the police of Thailand, in the south of the country.

“They were already dead when I arrived here on Monday afternoon,” a police lieutenant, one of the first at the scene of the drama, told AFP, adding that a smartphone had been found nearby. According to police, the man had quarreled with his daughter’s mother.

Murder of the same type in the United States

The murder comes a few days after the murder in Cleveland, USA, when a 37-year-old man killed a retired man, a random man on the street, and broadcast the video on Facebook. After three days of tracking, the killer had committed suicide. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his group would do its utmost to prevent the repetition of such tragedies.

These murders are not the first live broadcast on the internet. This was already the case in February for a double murder perpetrated in Chicago.

The Governor of Thailand called on the Thais not to share the four-minute clip of murder and suicide, which was still visible Tuesday afternoon on the account of Thai Internet users.

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