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April, the Star Giraffe of the Internet Gave Birth Live

Millions of people watched the birth of a small giraffe on Saturday, live on the Internet.

Millions of people were waiting patiently for him, scanning live images from a New York State Animal Park. On Saturday, after fifteen months of gestation, the giraffe April finally gave birth, delighting fans around the world.

Several hundred thousand people were connected when this new member of the largest terrestrial mammal was born. And more than a million people viewed the images on Youtube within two hours.

April’s work lasted nearly two hours, all commented live by the owner of the Animal Adventure Park. There was first the appearance of the tip of the legs, then the slow exit of the rest of the body, until the girafa falls on the ground like a bag, cutting the umbilical cord at the same time. Less than an hour later, the young healthy animal made its first steps.

This is the fourth giraffe given birth by April, aged 15 years. His genus is still unknown, and his name will be determined by competition. Thousands of Internet users quickly greet the newcomer of this threatened species, with less than 100,000 giraffes still in the wild. Many were also watching closely for the reaction of the father, Oliver. He lives in New York City and is 5 years old.

The park, close to Binghamton, has taken advantage of the increasing public interest since the installation of a webcam at the beginning of the year to launch a call for donations. Live streaming was interrupted by YouTube in February after complaints from users that the content was “sexually explicit”. But the park’s managers have obtained its takeover, arguing the “educational” virtues.

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