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PS4 Pro For 99.99 Euros: Mega Deal in Many Places Already Out

PS4 vs. PS4 Pro: The action of the game dealer GameStop has started. From now on, you can trade your used PlayStation 4 for under 100 euros against a brand new PS4 Pro.

Practically nothing is going to happen now, apparently the consoles are already completely out of print. The players are more competitive.

PlayStation 4 Pro at GameStop for 99.99 Euros

Replace your used PlayStation 4 with a controller and two used games at GameStop for a hefty surcharge of 99.99 euros against a brand new PS4 Pro. The sensational offer is valid from 26 April to 14 May 2017.

The regular price of the PS4 Pro is currently around 400 euros. You’ll find the best price! Purely computationally so incredible 300 euros, if you admit to the deal. And quite frankly, anyone who even remotely plays with the idea of ​​adding a PS4 Pro should not take long.

However, the GameStop offer is now causing massive trouble on the net: On Facebook, the reports of angry customers who report not having received any PS4 Pro more. Supposedly, the PS4 Pro, available at GameStop, had already been sold out before the official launch of the offer. Because obviously it was possible before the start of the action against a deposit a PS4 Pro reserve – but GameStop did not communicate accordingly.

The stock consoles are now to be sold out to a large extent. The players Find the latest Must Haves for the 2016/17 season! Are upset, on Facebook and Twitter the emotions run hot. In numerous GameStop branches, tumultuous scenes have come, in a Berlin shopping center, according to a CHIP user even the security service had to move up.

GameStop is soothing the heated minds: According to an official news, a new delivery of PS4-Pro consoles is expected next week. The frustration of many players, however, to be emptied today, should only slightly alleviate this. In addition, there are currently no more reservations in the GameStop stores.

On the Gamestop website the dealer publishes the following statement

“Due to the high demand, delivery delays may occur in some branches. We are committed to serve every customer as quickly as possible and apologize for any waiting times.”

However, Gamestop assured at the same time: “We will definitely receive a subsequent delivery next week”. One should therefore keep the action in mind and go to the store of his trust.

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