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Pensioner Internet hit with The Network world

A couple of pensioners from Baden have landed an internet hit with a dancing insert. That the little dance delights millions, surprised Dietmar and Nellia Ehrentraut.

In a dance contest three weeks ago in Bavaria, Dietmar (70) and Nellia (64) Ehrentraut laid a boogie-woogie on the floor. The video has been accessed more than 65 million times since. “I have not even seen anyone filmed us,” says Dietmar Ehrentraut.

Several Facebook users spread the video on the social network, where it has now been viewed over 65 million times.

Austrian and German Champions:

The couple has experience in hip swing, the trained printer and the former cleaning company employee have been dancing together for four decades. Already several amateur competitions in the Boogie-Woogie have won the native Austrians – the Austrian Championship four times, the German Championship once (1995).

At the competition in the Bavarian Landshut the two of them sang with the dance also a trophy – the veteran cup, as the couple also announced on its website. But the awards were not so important to them, both emphasize. “We simply enjoy the music and want to see old friends again,” says Nellia Ehrentraut. That the dancing on the Internet so well, they did not think possible. “We are quite flat, what triggered the video.”

User data are the gold of the Internet. This does not only apply to web gigs such as Facebook and Google, but also to data sieves. They use stolen data to slip into the identity of their victims and abuse them for criminal purposes – a rewarding business for cybergambers, a disaster for those affected.

Shopping with Stolen Data:

Whoever has been the victim of identity theft, must, for example, expect to buy online in his name. The goods are ordered with the data of the victim and handed over to Strohmänner. The bill goes to the unsuspecting victim. If not paid, flouting reminders into the house. Often the schufa is also informed, so that the creditworthiness of the user is downgraded.

It costs a lot of time, money and nerves, if one has to put up with legal means against the consequences of an identity theft. Special Internet insurances also provide legal protection in such cases. They cover, for example, the legal costs when the victim of an identity clause against reminders must defend themselves.

Covered by Normal Legal Protection:

Stiftung Warentest has investigated such internet insurances – with a good result. Many risks, for example when purchasing online, are already covered by normal legal protection insurance, says Michael Sittig from Stiftung Warentest zu heute.de. He also advises against a legal protection that is not entirely cheap, especially for the Internet.

In their policies on the protection of Internet rights, the insurance companies offer a special identity protection. He is to recognize a data theft at an early stage and to help those affected in the case of the first aid. Even companies like the Schufa or the security service provider OWL have such an identity protection in their offer – at a monthly cost of 4.95 euros with the Schufa and 4.49 euros with OWL.

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