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Nintendo Switch and the Comeback of the Local Multiplayer

Many of you have definitely bought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe yesterday. An absolute multiplayer hit online but also locally. After all, the local multiplayer is also the reason why Mario Kart became such a popular franchise.

Now comes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo switch and hardly a console is probably better suited for it. The local multiplayer comes back and why I am so sensitive and what the new console of Nintendo has to do with it, you can read in the linked text.

That’s why I’ve got the switch synonymous. This is exactly why the WiiU. Local multiplayer has been neglected on the other platforms already in the last generation and very much on-line MP set. Too much for me. Online I used to play. Today, I also want to gamble with my girlfriend and Nintendo offers here simply the best package.

Of course the other platforms also have some games with local MP. But the marketing of the manufacturers sold the one not but mentions it only casually. Nintendo still uses it as a sales argument and focuses on the console concepts. This is very valuable to me.

Much more important though. Nintendo also has the appropriate IPs, in order to persuade also game muffles and opportunity players to a common round. And DAS highlights Nintendo from the others. Convince your girlfriend times with her ne Round Helldivers or Dead Nation to gamble. At least I bump into deaf ears. Mario Kart? Hyrule Warriors? Just hear “When will you finally come?”

Negative point is that Nintendo offers no Dead Nation, Alienation or Helldivers for those who do not feel like cuddly Splatoon. I see this as a deficiency.

The switch is however just because it gives the manufacturers again new possibilities and one is equipped for two players for everywhere everywhere.

On the other hand, I think that Nintendo has a lot to learn about online gaming. Compared to other platforms, Nintendo offers here only standard food, which meets the current player, but can not meet high requirements. For times it is still too often basic requirements such as connectivity, options and lag-free servers lack.

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