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Nintendo: Game Console “New Nintendo 2DS XL” Coming Without 3D

Nintendo is launching a new game console with the “New Nintendo 2DS XL”. In summer it will be available in Europe.

With the current large console Nintendo Switch you can play at home on TV as well as on the road. Nevertheless, the Japanese game maker continues to rely on his classic handhelds:

“New Nintendo 2DS XL” from 28 July on the market

With the “New Nintendo 2DS XL” on July 28, a new version of the 3DS family will come to the European market. The new version adopts features of the large 3DS model. First the shape: The console is to fold open – unlike the wedge shaped 2DS. There is also the C-Stick used by some games over the XYAB buttons or the ability to use Amiibo. Also the computing power has been somewhat improved.

The screen size corresponds to that of the 3DS XL – however the representation in 3D is removed. The new variant is also to be lighter with 260 grams as its big brother, which brings 336 grams on the balance. In color, there are two versions: in black with turquoise appliqués and in white with details in orange.

3DS games compatible with “New Nintendo 2DS XL”

The games for the 3DS family are also playable with the new 2DS-XL model. In the course of the announcement, Nintendo, however, introduced new games, such as “Hey! Pikmin”.

Nintendo doesn’t announce a price for the German market. In the US, however, the device is about $150 cheaper than the 3DS XL, which costs around $200.

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