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IPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Which camera is Best?

The iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Clash again, which has best features this time. Who wins according to your opinion?

iPhone 7 plus samsung galaxy s8 plus

This was one of the most requested tests on the web and it is there! Since its release, Samsung and its Galaxy S8 seem to be doing well. Note 7 having brought a gray cloud over the head of the Korean firm, the S8 is there to bring a radiant sun. After the clash in a drop test of the iPhone 7 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, we now move on to something softer with the test that will determine who has the best camera between the two bigger flagships. It is the SuperSafTv youtuber that plays the tester and you will see that the result is quite surprising.

First of all, our youtuber test the frontal camera and it must be said that there is no picture: the image of the Galaxy S8 + is more beautiful but simply because it film in QuadHD (1440x2560px) while the iPhone 7+ is in Full HD (1080x1920px). The S8 still wins when it comes to stability and focus. It is clear that when the youtuber starts to run, the stability of the iPhone is much less constant and the focus of the S8 is much more fluid and fast.

In short, the only advantage of the iPhone 7+ is its optical zoom that keeps the image in good quality when zoomed to the maximum. In picture, the two are equal, but the S8 takes the advantage in low light. The Samsung Galaxy S8, which will have the version “Active” soon available, is therefore the winner of this duel!

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