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Google Maps: What is that? Feature is live

Google Maps now has the real-time tracking feature, which is quite deifficult from the data protection perspective. What exactly has changed in the map app and where the danger is, read this news.

Google Maps: Live tracking is here:

For many users, Google Maps is the first choice when it comes to finding a way around. Also the fast sharing of a certain location with friends is done with few screen touches. Google has now integrated a new real-time tracking feature into Google Maps.

Google Maps

Too complicated is the feature in the handling: In the app settings, the user can select the “share location” function and then determine contacts with which he wants to share his location. The user can simultaneously define how long he wants to remain visible to the selected friends. The latter can then follow the user in the app at every step – this should be a rather creepy idea for some users. The video above shows how the feature actually looks in use.

Google Maps: Real-time tracking also in route planning

Who can find Google Maps is quite simply! As a navigation system, can take advantage of another useful feature:

Google Maps can also send the expected arrival time in real-time to enabled contacts after entering the destination. If the user has enabled a contact for real-time tracking, Google Maps informs you about it automatically – the same is true when a user is released as a user.

Google has already integrated the live tracking feature for business in Google Maps some time ago. With the new site sharing, data protectors are likely to become even more dizzy, since, in principle, real-time tracking, as WhatsApp plans, also always offers opportunities for abuse – despite all the security possibilities.

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