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Google ensures there are no pay inequalities between men and women

To respond to the controversy over the practice of pay gaps between men and women, Google strives to explain and ensure some transparency in its wage policy. Beyond the accusations, it is the image of the company that is tarnished while it was yet popular and known to take care of its employees.

Google counter-attack

Accused of wage discrimination between men and women by the United States Department of Labor, the Google company, which does not share this opinion, intends to launch a counter offensive. As we said yesterday, Google denounces a lack of method on the part of the federal services, which would not have discussed with the upstream company.

Transparency Effort

According to our reporter, Google says to propose an amount for the new remuneration of each employee according to the role, the level of employment, the place of work and the notes Current and recent performance “. Google considers that at no time is the sex of the person taken into account. The company claims to use a pay equity model in four phases and payroll officials would not have any information on the employee’s gender.

Google also announces tools to make adjustments. A review of employees in the same job classes would be conducted. An analysis of their remuneration would then be put in place. If a statistical discrepancy is significant, the model would be able to adjust it and verify that the adjustment does not result in a significant gender pay gap.

Google makes comparisons between employees for similar tasks, occupation of the same position and same level of qualification. In this way, no wage gap would be identified based on these criteria. If the firm tries to reassure and makes a pedagogical effort on its methods, it remains only to determine the consequences that the US Department of Labor wishes to give to this case, the latter having filed a complaint against Google.

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