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The First Samsung Galaxy S8 Sold Today

Who has pre-ordered his Samsung Galaxy S8 online, it’s delivered today. But the S8 with 800 euros is anything but cheap. However, production costs are also record-high. The S8 is the first smartphone with fast Bluetooth 5.0 radio.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is about 100 euros more expensive then Samsung Galaxy S7. Will Samsung increase its profit with the markup? The analysis company IHS Markit has now determined the production costs, reports. “The Galaxy S8 is not only the most expensive smartphone in the company, but also in comparison with other manufacturers.” The cost is probably about 307.50 US dollars, which would correspond to about 283 euros.

Smartphones for the first time with fast Bluetooth 5.0 radio.

samsung galaxy s8 sold today

It will be the first smartphone with the new radio range Bluetooth 5.0. This promises double speed compared to the predecessor and up to four times the range – up to 240 meters. Also the delays should be significantly lower. To use these advantages, the accessories must also be able to “understand” Bluetooth 5.0.

Screen scaling corrected with update

Samsung wants to remove the red stitch of the Galaxy-S8-display by update. A company spokesman announced on a South Korean daily newspaper that the software update against the discoloration should be available this week.

Samsung takes the complaints of some predecessors of the Galaxy S8 seriously and would like to dispel doubts about the quality. The Korean Herald, a representative of Samsung therefore promised a speedy update. “Because there were some complaints about a reddish in the displays, we decided to update the software for all customers of the Galaxy S8 next week,” announced the announcement on Friday.

Pre-buyers, who received a Galaxy S8 from the first batch, noticed in part a reddish discolored display, which could not be adjusted with color settings. According to Samsung, the customers would be right if they criticize the color balance and the software error is quickly adjusted.

It is not yet clear why the screens become discolored. Samsung speaks of an automatic adjustment of the screen to the ambient light. The display seems to drift into the red. The adjustment can be switched off however according to Samsung. Should discolorations continue, Samsung wants to exchange the devices, writes “The Korea Herald”.

Does Samsung not learn from its mistakes? In the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus almost the same accumulators as in the note 7 have been installed, reports in reference to iFixit. Many users complain about reddish discolored displays on the Samsung Galaxy S8. But Samsung pushes the problem on a software error. Is there a similar debacle as with the batteries of the Samsung Note 7?

Update: On April 21, Samsung announces an update to remove the reddish tint of the screen. Some users were discolored.

In South Korea alone, the pre-orders should amount to 728,000 units. Nearly 25 percent of the smartphones would be ordered with the top equipment. However, it remains to be seen how global success will turn out.

First Impression: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have tried out the new design and the faultless processing.

On March 29, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8

In the predecessor model, there were still problems with the iris scan with spectacle wearers. Whether these can be solved at the future Galaxy S8 is so far unclear. On 29th March, Samsung wants to present its new smartphone flagship to the public in New York. The presentation starts at 5 pm (CEST).

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