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Facebook Murder Suspect: Violence Videos Should Be Erased Faster

For two hours, a murder video was seen over Facebook before it was taken off the platform. “We know we have to get better,” the company said later. The procedures would have to improve.

After a man published on Facebook a video of a murder, the social network is once again in the criticism. Now, it has promised to pay more attention to the subject in the future.

Facebook is investigating the possibility of reporting violence on the platform after the release of a murder video in the US. The online network had blocked the profile of the alleged offender 23 minutes after the first user reference to the video with the death shot, Facebook Manager Justin Osofsky wrote in a blog entry on the night of Tuesday. However, it was good two hours online.

In addition, a quick reference to a Facebook livestream, where the suspect confessed to a murder, initially triggered no barrier. “We know we need to improve,” Osofsky wrote.

Facebook Wants to Remove Content Faster:

The murder has renovate the discussion about whether Facebook should have to do more violence – and possibly search for such content, rather than rely on references from users. Osofsky wrote that artificial intelligence would be used, but only to prevent the spread of violent videos in its entirety. Fragments should continue to be shared, for example, in reports of events.

For Facebook, the controversy could overshadow the developer conference F8 in San Jose, California, which founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to open on Tuesday (7:00 PM CEST).

Background is a video of a murder in Cleveland, which was on Sunday for two hours online and via the Facebook app to see. According to the police, the alleged perpetrator put the video on the web, which shows him shooting an older man. The search for him runs with high pressure.

Cleveland: Search for suspect in Facebook

The incident raised doubts as to how Facebook handled the masses of uploaded data from around the world. For the first time, Facebook published a detailed list of events on Sunday. As a result, the alleged perpetrator postponed three videos. In the first he announced he wanted to commit a murder. According to Facebook, this was not reported by anyone. Two minutes later, the man uploaded a video showing the murder. This was reported by Facebook users but barely two hours later.

The third with the confession to the murder was broadcast live eleven minutes after the murder video. This was reported shortly thereafter. “We deleted the user account 23 minutes after the first report on the murder video and two hours after the first message at all. We know we need to get better, “Facebook said.

Apparently, the man still sought sought his victim. He put the video of the act online and then popped off: After the cold-blooded murder of a pensioner in Cleveland, the security authorities in the US are scandalizing the alleged perpetrator. On the evidence that led to the arrest of 37-year-old Steve Stephens, the police paid a reward of 50,000 US dollars (around 47,100 euros). Do not leave anything untried to find him, said Cleveland’s policeman Calvin Williams.

Facebook murder suspect

Stephens is supposed to have killed a 74-year-old pensioner on Sunday and published a video of Facebook’s action. There were riddles about the motif. It seems as if he had selected his victim in the street by chance and shot him coldly.

According to the police, the old man was on his way home from an Easter dinner with his children when the murder occurred. According to media reports, Stephens went right to the roadside and asked the retiree to pronounce the name Joy Lane. “Joy Lane?” Said the latter questioningly. “Yes, it is the reason for what is happening to you now,” replied the alleged perpetrator. He asked his victim about his age. Then he pushed off.

A woman named Joy Lane told CBS that she had had a relationship with the suspect for several years. She was sorry for what had happened, she wrote in a short message to the station. “Steve is really a nice guy. He was kind and amiable to me and to my children. “According to Calvin D. Williams, the woman was safe.

The suspect’s mother told CNN he was “angry with his girlfriend” and therefore shot at people. She spoke to her son on Sunday. She could not believe what had happened.

The safety authorities followed a few indications. Several schools in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania were temporarily closed on Monday after the suspect was to be seen there. According to the police, there was no evidence that he was actually there.

The police made it clear that she was ready to shoot the fugitives if he did not. Calvin D. Williams also addressed this message to his friends and relatives. “If you want to help, then contribute to it,” he emphasized. This was the only way for him to remain intact. Williams also made several direct appeals to the suspect to stand up.

The video has now been deleted at Facebook. The recordings were not as initially published to be a live transmission.


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