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Facebook Takes New Steps Against “Fake News”

Facebook wants to track fake accounts, “Closely linked to the creation and spread of spam”.

Facebook’s social networking giant Facebook said on Wednesday it would increase its fight against fake news by monitoring suspicious behavior such as massive messages and closing accounts.

Fight against fake accounts. The goal is to make sure that people are well what they claim to be on the social network. “We have found that when people re-port on Facebook as they are in real life, they are acting responsibly,” said Shabnam Shaik, a member of Facebook’s protection and support team.


“Fake accounts do not apply this model and are closely linked to the creation and spread of spam,” she added. Any suspicious account is now suspended and its manager subject to verification of its identifier.

Steps to counter wrong information. In France, the fight led by Facebook has led to interventions on 30,000 accounts, said Shabnam Shaik. The new measures should enable Facebook “to reduce spam, misinformation or other misleading content often shared by creators of fake accounts,” she added.

According to reporters, Facebook has made it easier to report suspicious messages and search for topics, and seeks to ensure that trends appearing on the social network are in unison with those of the real world.

Since the election in the United States, Facebook has already announced several initiatives to work more closely with the media and limit the spread of false information.

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