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Donald Trump: Not the most powerful man in America

Donald Trump really thought in November 2016 to be the most powerful man in the world. Struck by a very hard, partially brutal election campaign, he pushed into his new office, in which he wanted to break all the bridges to political traditions.

With his inauguration speech, in which he accused his predecessors, President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, of betraying their own populations, the break-up signal reverberated into a new era: Donald Trump wanted to govern.

Everything should be different. All abandoned ways should be abandoned and entered relationships should be examined and changed. For, according to Trumps Credo, the last decades was ruled against the interests of the American people. At least against the part of the Trump has chosen. In his eyes, the people who were betrayed and abandoned by the political class were hard-working and god-fearing citizens who did not want the US to become a different country in the process of globalization than they had assumed from their parents.

This was much propaganda, as is the case in election campaigns. Whether Trump, who had not been struck by his convictions and his life, really believed in it? Who knows.

Election Campaigns

In any case, after 20 January, he set about implementing this broad agenda. In a combination of ongoing election campaigns and presidential decrees, the president wanted to turn the US. But then came 100 days of a painful learning process, at the end of which the President had arrived on the hard ground of political process realities.

Donald Trump not the Most Powerful Man

In the US, the president is an important, but not the only, and in many cases not even the most important player. His decrees for the entry of a few Arab and African countries were promptly condemned by the federal authorities – and this was done twice. After the first time Trump had his counselor Stephen Miller banged: how can it be that judges declared the decrees of the elected president invalid? But it was quickly learned: it is the same. For the second decree, Trump had not yet learned enough, but now the decrees are made more secure.
The Legislature

It was not possible to abolish the health reform of his predecessor. So far not even to change them. The deputies in the House of Representatives did not follow him sufficiently. The Republicans have the majority. But the law did not go far enough.

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