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Clash Royale Beginner Guide: Improving Cards

In Clash Royale, there is a bunch of different cards (see here for the complete list). If you have just started the game, you are going to ask yourself a question: why does my opponent have a level 7 card, while mine is still level 1?

You need to improve your maps. To do this, you have to accumulate the same card several times to make it increase in level. Improving them is a vital action in Clash Royale, because in addition to increasing the various statistics and strengths of your cards, you will also gain experience to raise the King’s level, as shown here.

To know that you can arrange a card, the bar that indicates your number of cards must be green and if you have enough gold, you can improve its level. Below, an example that will illuminate your lantern.

Here, you can see what you can increase or not (Ice Golem). If we select the Spirits of Fire, then we notice that we have the sufficient number of cards and gold, as well as the statistical changes. All that remains is to validate, to have it at level 9.

You can put the cards up to level 13 (Common), 11 (Rare), 8 (Epic) and 5 (Legendary). It’s possible that these are superior, but only with the use of the Mirror spell. To detail the necessary resources, the three tables will inform you about the whole.

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