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Apple sells less iPhone… But they bring it back more!

Apple sold only 50.8 million iPhones in this half year. If the figure remains impressive, it’s less than what the firm was selling last year. Yet, Apple is making more money.

Tim Cook yesterday presented Apple’s financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2017. If Apple reports positive results with a 5% growth over one year, we really need to look in more detail. The iPhone – which accounts for 69% of sales – brings in more money but sells in smaller quantities.

The iPhone 7 Plus makes the shadow to the iPhone 7

With its 2016 generation, Apple has made the choice to distinguish the Plus version of its iPhone 7 by offering some exclusive features like the dual camera. As a result, many customers opted for the large model, increasing demand. “We have not been able to properly estimate the balance between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus,” explained Tim Cook to shareholders to justify the production difficulties of the device.

Another consequence, this time financial: the average customer spends a little more than last year to buy an iPhone. With a 1% decline in the number of iPhone sold year-over-year, Apple nevertheless enjoys a 1% revenue growth on its smartphone. A small gap that Apple justifies by the greater part represented by the iPhone 7 Plus … which saves the iPhone figures for this second quarter.

Rumors on the iPhone 8 hurt the iPhone 7

Tim Cook publicly commented rumors about a future product. To justify the fact of having sold “only” 50.8 million iPhone against 51.2 a year ago, it accused the iPhone 8: “The recent and more frequent rumors about our next IPhone have an impact “. The next Apple smartphone has been the subject of major speculation for several months since it could be, if rumors are confirmed, the largest revision of the product in 10 years.

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