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Amazon and Google are rising: An Apple product now has a big problem

Amazon and Google have discontinued their app support for the Apple Watch – Even on eBay the watchOS app has disappeared. This is not only bad news for Apple itself – in fact, the decision for the entire Smartwatch industry could be disturbed.

AppleWatch: Three Big Problems Out

Amazon, GoogleSEO for beginners and Ebay: 3 Internet giants have their watchOS apps – at least temporarily – withdrawn. Google had thrown its service Google News & Wetter from the clock some time ago, after an update it has now synonymous Google Maps caught. For Amazon, the Smartwatch support is now only indirectly advertised via the Amazon iOS app, as the corresponding details page shows.

Ebay explained in a forum entry, the app has been “temporarily” removed from the store due to technical deficiencies. Ebay recommends in the thread even to uninstall the app in case of doubt. Whether the online marketplace actually developed a new version of its watchOS app is still unclear.

Amazon and Google are rising

Smartwatches were discovered with the launch of the Apple Watch by many as the “next big thing” for smartphones and tablets. The high-tech watches are still selling moderately. Between the end of 2015 and the end of 2016, the sector saw a drop of just over 50%.

The fact that Amazon, Google and probably eBay under all Smartwatches now the Apple Watch the reverse turn, is for manufacturers the probably most unfavorable scenario; Because among the Smartwatches Apple Watch was so far clear market leader, by the end of 2016 a market share of over 40 per cent was recorded. The fact that the most successful product in the industry now has to do without the support of two representatives of the so-called “Big Four”. The future of smartwatches therefore remains an uncertain one.

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